Brand Logo Slider Section

Bring your shop to the next level with our Brand Logo Slider Shopify Section. Featuring infinite scrolling, you can display an unlimited amount of logos from your partners and affiliates....
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Shopify Brand Logo Slider Section Samples

Section Features

Scrolling Paused When Mouse Hover on Logos

You have the option to control whether the scrolling animation of the logo image pauses when the mouse hovers over the logo area.

Text Content Option

Above the logo area, you can choose whether to add heading and/or description.

Responsive Design

Features a responsive design that works seamlessly on both computers and mobile devices, ensuring compatibility across different platforms.

Moreover, you have the flexibility to set the number of logos to be displayed specifically on computers and mobiles, thereby indirectly controlling the size of the logos.

Brand Logo Slider Section Instruction


How to add brands logo slider to your shopify store?

Please duplicate and backup your current theme files firstly, follow the specific installation instructions we sent you, create a new logo slider section file, save it, go back to the Online Store, click "Customize", then you can add the logo slider section to your page.

What is the best size for Shopify logo slider image?

1. Before uploading the logo image, we suggest to unify the style and size of the image.
2. Square and rectangle are fine, our section can resize the image by setting the number of display on PC and mobile.
3. Note that large logo file sizes will negatively impact page load speed,we suggest compressing the images.

Is this logo list slider section mobile-responsive?

Yes. Responsive designed for PC and mobile.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Howard Kova
Just what I need

Infinite scrolling feature works great, and I can dynamically resize the image display.

Kira Kofi
Works great

It exactly contains the features I need. Very simple, functional. Perfect for my shop.

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