Installation Guide

Shopify Section Sample

Shopify Section Sample


Install the Section

1.   Backup the live theme

First, duplicate the theme file you are going to use. If your theme has problems after modifying the code, you can revert to using the backed up version.

2.  Edit Code

Click the “Actions ”,and select “Edit Code” in the dropdown list.

Edit Code

3.  Add Section Code Files

Click on "Add a new section" option below the "Sections" folder.

Add Section Code Files

Name the section file:

  1. Choose liquid for the file format.
  2. We recommend using lowercase letters for filenames. 
  3. Connecting characters with “ - ”.
Name the section file

This will generate a default section file as shown below.

default section file

4. Copy & Paste Section Code

After purchase, a link to download the file will be sent to your email.

  • Open the .txt file you downloaded.
  • Copy (Windows:Ctrl-C, or Mac: ⌘-C) all the code.
  • Past it (Windows: Ctrl-V or Mac: ⌘-V)  and replace the default code inside the new section file you just created. 
  • Save: Finally, click the “Save” button on the upper right corner.
    Copy & Paste Section Code

Now the section was installed, you can leave the code editor page.

5. Customize with the Section 

5.1  Edit theme

Now go back to the Shopify admin page.

Open:  Online Store → Themes → Click the “Customize” button next to the “Actions”.

Select the newly created section.

5.2  Add Section

At this Customization page, click on "Add section" above the "footer" in left side bar.

Choose the page you want to customize and add the section to, click on the “Add section” button at the bottom of the left sidebar, above the "footer" option in this theme.

Add Section


Select the section you just created in the shown list.

If you have problems with the installation, please feel free to contact us at: